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Surfside Dings & Dents Inc. is a mobile paintless dent repair company that services Brevard county. Licensed and fully insured, you can expect specialized and experienced service that comes to you.

Surfside Dings & Dents Inc. can provide you with quick estimates, friendly service, competitive prices and in most cases damage can be fixed within one hour.

How it Works

Paintless dent repair is a method of pushing out vehicle dents by using specialized steel rods to restore a vehicle to its original form without cracking the original paint. Therefore paintless dent repair does not require paint or bondo.


Metal Memory

When a dent occurs, metal is pushed away from the dented area. To assure the dent does not come back, a technician must be able to bring this metal back to the damaged area releasing the stress of the metal. Metal has a natural memory to allow this to occur if pushed correctly. 

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